Mom tapes hilarious sign to twins stroller

July 15, 2015

AUSTRALIA- Fed up with strangers’ curiosity, an Australian mom made signs to answer all the questions anyone would have about her twins. Annie Nolan’s extensive list answered the pressing questions the public wanted to know about her 2-year-old twin girls Delphia and Cheska. “Yes they are mine”, “No, Not identical”, “Yes they are twins”, “Yes, I’m sure they aren’t identical” are some of the many facts revealed on the signs taped on her daughters’ stroller. In her blog, Uncanny Annie, Nolan revealed she wrote the signs as a result of frustration from constant public questioning. However, she backed out and removed the signs before hitting the Australian city streets. Her photo gained massive attention, touching hearts of twin moms’ everywhere. She did receive criticism however, and replied back…”P.S. It’s just a joke people.”

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